​​It Always Snows in Beckton

There are many examples of magic in Beckton. One of the most obvious is the bizarre weather. Though this Yorkshire farming town may have constant snow, it’s still rich in agriculture and blessed with a plentiful harvest.


Spells, obviously. But why would witches create a spell for it to snow all the time but not affect crops?

To uncover the answer, we must step farther back in time, all the way to bloody Beckton’s origins.

The year is 1789, and the French Court of Versailles is under attack. People are beginning to talk of a revolution, and the king and queen know there is little they can do to stop them from rioting in the streets.

To make matters worse, Parisian peasants are starving. Queen Marie Antoinette forms an escape plan, but she will not allow the people of her court to stay behind and die, so they flee France together with a bit of help from the Roger (roh-shay) family.

The Rogers are a working-class family hired by the court to maintain a small farm Marie used as a getaway location. Overtime, they rose through the ranks and became well respected by both the English and French court. In her time of need, Marie hires the family to buy a large plot of land now known as Beckton.

Locals from the area were well-known witches from a powerful coven. To get in their good graces and protect her people, Marie has the Rogers identify those practicing witchcraft and hires the magic wielders to cast a hedge of protection over the land, that protection coming in the form of snow that hides her people as they seek refuge and deters French revolutionaries from blindly following them into the harsh weather.

Some want the expatriates to die for their royalist support, but the queen pays the coven to keep her people safe within the borders.

Eventually, the snow is no longer needed, but it offers a relaxing parallel to the fires burning throughout Paris and Versailles, so the coven keeps the spell in place.

It remains even to this day, which is why it always snows in Beckton.

Bonus fact:

Beckton is a mispronunciation of the English word beckon.

If you have yet to discover the magical world of Beckton, I can send you a free short story. You just have to let me know where to send it here.

*This post is based on a work of fiction. Any names or locations that resemble historical figures or locations are not to be confused with actual people, locations, or events. 

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