​​It Always Snows in Beckton

There are many examples of magic in Beckton. One of the most obvious is the bizarre weather. Though this Yorkshire farming town may have constant snow, it’s still rich in agriculture and blessed with a plentiful harvest. How? Spells, obviously. But why would witches create a spell for it to snow all the time but not affect crops? To uncover the answer, we must step farther back in time, all the way to bloody Beckton’s origins . . .

Who am I / are we?

It's Heather here! For those of you who just stumbled over to our blog, just in case you didn't know, Beckton Snow is a pen name for two authors. We share social media, email, and even this blog! We often try to make sure to let people know who's speaking, when relevant, so there's no … Continue reading Who am I / are we?